Before going ahead with this one, please note that similarly to its predecessors, it has more than one purpose. One of them being an exercise in reducing the degree of personality in these posts, something that can help me reduce it in real life, especially its professional aspect.

The other one being achieving its purpose, namely reminding you guys of all those innocent pleasures of life that it’s worth indulging in. Well, they are not that innocent since the lust for knowledge is lust as all others: a sin, in a way. No doubt about that.

Well about the title – it encompasses, again, the notion of the post.

Writing a review about a non-existent band is quite easier than writing about the children among the storeybuildings in Vilnius and the magic of unintentionally acquiring more than one tongue.

No one, in fact, misses a band that never was. And we humans do not know of the melodies unborn until they are born – or not.

But what if they are born and you don’t know them?

What if you don’t know them because you don’t live to hear them?

The latter can be caused by two primary factors.

Factor 1: They are born after your death.

Factor 2: They are born before your death but you never really get a notion of their existence.

There is nothing you can do against factor 1. The greatest pain in life.

There is something you can do against factor 2. An even greater pain. Because you can do something against it but it will never be enough.

Speaking out of a mind inclined to giving birth to unconventional melodies while sleeping or preparing to sleep or not preparing to sleep but just relaxing as though it were sleeping or desponding into a state resembling that of being asleep – sometimes just half-asleep, sometimes just mishearing something and procreating something out of the one just misheard – it is even more painful, because once born and not recorded, these melodies go forgotten never to come back.

This is what the music of AbSense is all about.

Their smoothly dissolving (s)u(s)pended chords, inclusion of modulations stretching the potentional of tonalities until beyond the dissonance just to come back at the very moment you just thought you can’t bear this earment anymore – gee, their songs are somewhat crookedly soothing.

They don’t remove the pain, just make you understand it. Understand it is a part of you and you are a part of it, from the very beginning of your life to your last breath and the imminent horror of the unbeing.

The charming flavour of «Stripped to the Backbone» – conjuring the pieces of imagination into a mountain of broken glass melting to recycle your vision of blossom, unpairedly flirting with the counterharmony and the antivocals of «Bleeding The Storm Apart» – can it go gentler than that?

Breath your soul into it until it smothers you….more than certain, this piece of lyrics expresses it better than any review…to be written and continued.