Five minutes from time – this got here just because it was already in an open document and I decided to start my post from this phrase. It is important, though, although it is not the number of minutes, seconds, hundredths etc that make for the gist and marrow of this post, and our life in general.

In fact, it does not matter how long from time something happens – what matters if it happens on time or not.

So it is Easter. And what have you done? To make it an Easter or to become a part of it?

What have I done?

To feel and express gratitude to Him Who is the reason for it.

Why are we here? This is another question. We could be somewhere else, and yet we aren’t.

Maybe it’s not by chance we are here so it is good to grab the opportunites provided by this chance.

I already had some cultural shocks – in Lithuania, Marks and Spencer is food. I was wearing a pair of Marks and Spencer trowsers when I saw their shop, as a matter of fact.

There are hypermarkets open on Easter Sunday.

And I feel at home here, I feel I belong here, or. If this be an exaggeration, at least – I feel this is my place.

Funny enough, not in the least thanks to the fact that I can still stroll the streets without recognizing random people or being recognized by them.

So I have more time to dedicate to myself and my spiritual dialogues.

Finding it hard when a Russian couple is singing nearby, but easy when I rove alone – and even in the church, thanks to the fact that my understanding of Lithuanian is still very scarce and that of Polish laisse à désirer.

Yes – kommt Zeit, kommt Rat, and the advice I had recently was the fact the word grateful could be misspelled in the following way: grateful.

And it’s not by chance. To me, being grateful has recently become of paramount importance and this is the greatest gift I received this Fast – and Easter (as I feel it already is) To be really great, and really full, you need to be really grateful.

Sounds like a weird equation – kind of making the addition of the adverb qualifier to make it real.

When I face the choice between buying a watch and a laptop and find it hard to the point of being revolted at this situation, I am grateful if I can recall (in time) there are people who face the choice between eating and having their house – flat – room heated.

And I should be really grateful if I could remember there are also those who don’t face this choice either as they don’t own or even rent a house – flat – room, so they are lucky to face the choice between eating and drinking.

I am grateful for having found my church pretty quiclky. I am yet to find a community and will be grateful once I have found it, but even if over time I find a community and switch church through that, I will be grateful to the Saint Raphael church – first church is like first love, it will always occupy a special place in my heart.

I don’t know the meaning of gratitude yet and I am contemplating a post on the topic – but for now, I’d rather go for an adoration.

My plans for the weekend? Besides arranging some bank related stuff and some shopping, it was the chuurch, the two masses – yesterday and tonight, well I wasn’t strong enough not to do some windowshopping – an activity which sometimes yields good results but most often results in waste of time.

But I really want to make this Easter a different one and not just by grabbing the chance of attending the masses on the three last days of the Holy Week in three diffeent languages.

I want to spend more time being grateful, even though I know not exactly what this means – but why not explore this, the way we explore the shops over the weekend?