Far away from the land soaked with the blood still dripping from my heart pierced countless a time by all sorts of disappointments, including caused by my very self, I still don’t know who I am, where I am and what is happening around me. I guess the first is a function of the second and the third taken together.

Most of my sparetime I spend in a shopping mall called Europa using the WiFi and, more recently, the electricity provided by its owners in something like a hanging mushroom, more often than not in the company of new Lithuanians still looking for the answer to one of the most exciting questions that were haunting me before I moved to Lithuania – and one that will keep haunting me after I leave it for sure, namely: Do Lithuanians speak Lithuanian?

I guess this one merits a post of its own. So I will leave this for later.

As it took me quite long to get down to writing this it will take long to process and weave into it all the impressions I gathered over this week or something I’ve been here for.

Before being able to take a breath – and after my breath being taken already several times – I will have to go back to Hungary to migrate a process and, thus, migrate myself, too, At least partially – for the time being.

But I will still have some vilnews to share before I do so.

Yesterday, looking for a song I came upon a singer I hadn’t heard the name of before, and through him upon a page entitled Kas vyksta, something I don’t know if we have in Hungary or not, but that made me know I don’t need my local friends to recommend me events. There is an ample assortiment of them and I can pick the one(s) I like following a tough selection process.

Unlike the one I had to undergo to come here. It was likimas, or fate, as English call it: beyond a reasonable doubt.

Beyond reasonable is what this city is.

I won’t call this blog VilNews as it was initially meant to be called. The idea has already been taken.

This will also allow me to post other thoughts and impressions that can be freely read and commented.

But I will comment on Vilnius a lot myself. And on shopping malls itself.

As said before, I spend most of my time in Europa, approximately halfway between the panel flat I rent and my office building, raised among some of the last of the Mohicans, old wooden houses waiting for their turn to be pulled down in favour of one more office, residential buildign or shopping mall, or a combination of two or three of these.

Those of us who have cameras, come to Vilnus to catch these houses. Before it’s too late.

I hope I came just right on time to catch the moment and start my new growth in the Baltic.

But nothing is the way one would think it should be.

There is no store of a mobile operator in this store. No bank, Only one in the neighbouring building.

Water closet – only one, on the third floor.

In the elevators in my office buildings there are no buttons for selecting the floor one wants to visit. Enormous elevators usually travel almost empty. This is the Baltic reality: better off alone.

Or maybe this was invented for me. Similarly to Lithuania’s state preference for a single citizenship.

So long third citizenship – so far so good. For now.

But there are really good things.

Almost no dustbins in the streets, and almost no litter there either.

This seems logical. It has some weird, twisted, thwarted yet extremely firm logic to it.

Unlike the socialist governemnt allowing the thrift called central heating – or is it that it increases the employment rate by letting people work in vain, and taking the money for this labour from the rich?

Anyway, taking into account that GoogleTranslate is even more disoriented here than I am I can be more than happy that I already know where and when to buy homebred milk – and Lithuania’s president in person. She lauded the cleannes of our desks.

I, for my part, am struggling to regain my purity and profit more than I lose from my untimely return to my chosen homeland.